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THE TEXAS LONGHORN RANCH GERMANY – Certified organic cattle farm in Franconia

We used to raise American Quarter Horses for quite a time and during our trips across the USA we met the Texas Longhorns multiple times. It’s the animal which helped building the legend of the land of opportunity and because of their beauty we simply fell in love with the idea of raising Texas Longhorns in Germany. Until then no one had ever succeeded bringing them back to Europe alive.

Reproducing cattle out of embryones had never been easy because you never know how the procedure will turn out. As we are pure nature lovers and organic farmers we decided to import living animals – like no one had tried before! After a long search we were lucky to meet our partner with whom the dream came true. It was our partner’s commitment and our permanent vision of it to make it happen. Everyone involved like the European and German authorities – helped us on this difficult way. After two intensive and long years we had – together with our partner – fulfilled the certification process. Finally – it was spring 2011 – the first Texas Longhorn Cattle being imported alive touched German ground. It was an amazingly happy moment.

Now the biggest herd to be found in Europe is grazing the organic pastures of our farm in northeastern Bavaria. We are running a ranch of 60 hectares in Prebitz, Upper Franconia – in harmony with nature. Lots of baby Longhorns were born here and they always make us happy with their vitality and the various colors. Now more than 60 Longhorns are with us. We have six different bloodlines to keep the breed naturally diverse.


Today we are distributing animals to numerous of breeders and fans all over Europe – and we are increasing our herd. 2013 we established the Texas Longhorn Cattle as the 23rd officially approved beef cattle in Germany.


Many thanks to all who helped us on this journey – and now we are more than happy to support you with Texas Longhorns.

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Make an appointment and visit us at the Texas Longhorn Ranch Germany.

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